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The planting plan 


The Planting plan is one of the most important stages to garden design. Garden designers talk about plants being there palette for the garden like an artist does, Colour is a powerful tool in garden design, influencing our senses and the way in which we respond to the environment around us. Colour, smells and textures can also convey an atmosphere, mood or message : warm, vibrant colours generate a feeling of liveliness, and excitement, while cool colours create a calm, spacious, often tranquil atmosphere.

Clients are actively encouraged to take a major part in deciding which trees, shrubs or perennials to use, But they can leave it all to the garden designer at Natural Aspects to choose for them, if you prefer or feel unsure about invasive foliage, colours and Latin names etc.

It is also the most Fun part of the design process and and also the most rewarding softening up all those hard landscaped areas of the garden allowing all areas to work in harmony with each other seamlessly.

The Planting  determines the style and the atmosphere of the garden; for example - low maintenance, traditional cottage garden, contemporary, chic, urban, Mediterranean, etc and this part is important to Natural Aspects to get this right and reflect your lifestyle and living needs.

The planting plan is important for calculating the number of plants we will be using in your design project also showing how we will set them out prior to the planting stage.

You may wish to do the planting yourself, or leave it all to our trained horticulturists, we are flexible and do understand some of our clients enjoy helping planting some of the smaller ones in the final stages.

The Planting Plan is a major part of the redesign and is drafted alongside the concept plan, so all elements proposals, materials and plants are viewed on the same plan in correct context and are easily understood. 


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